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Debra DiGiovanni | Comedian

Debra On Conan!!

My Podcast! Killing Time w/ Debra and Zach


Debra and Zach decompress after their recent trip to beautiful CANADA!

Woo Hoo 32!

This week we celebrate the Canadian Queen of comedy’s transition into the hearts of America!! Deb Does CONAN!!

Episode 31 – Still Fun!

Zach’s sex life falls apart and Debra can’t stop drooling over Black Panther.    

Dirty 30

After WEEKS of being apart, Debra and Zach catch up on the usual: BOYS

29?? more like 69!!

Wowowowowowowow. We’ve made sure to mark all our episodes as “explicit,” but THIS ONE takes the cake (home to have SEX with it).


Debra and Zach both celebrate some success while still managing to gross each other out!


  • about 5 hours agoWhenever I see a picture of me on stage, I’m always mad at the photographer- ‘what a terrible shot’ I think. But no…
  • about 13 hours agoIt’s a holiday in Canada therefore it is a holiday in Debra.
  • about 1 day agoThe healthy salads: 1. Potato Salad 2. Chicken Salad 3. King's Hawaiian Sweet Dinner Rolls Salad 4. Nutella Salad 5. Melted Butter Salad
  • about 1 day agoMy workout program consists solely of me blow drying my hair.


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Debra DiGiovanni | Comedian

charmingly playful persona

brutal honesty

quick delivery

Comedian Debra DiGiovanni has been called the “Best Comedian to see after a Messy Break Up” and for three years running-she was named Canada’s favorite female comedian, as well as being named her hometown Toronto’s favorite comic for another three years. Debra’s comedy has a sharp edge while maintaining a playful, happy air. And her persona is one of the best developed of any comic working today- couple that with a hilarious act that is so personal everyone can relate- and you see why Debra is so popular. Her humor and charm lies in her unflinching honesty and openness, and rapid-fire delivery.

She began her career in 2000 and she’s made leaps and bounds in the comedy world- already with two Canadian stand up specials for CTV/Comedy network, she taped her first set on Comedy Central with her ‘Live at Gotham’ recorded in New York City. Since, she’s taped comedy segments for ‘Gotham Live’ and ‘Stand Up in Stilettos’ in Los Angeles as well as ‘Stand and Deliver’ for NuvoTV. She was also a finalist on the 5th season of NBC’s hit show Last Comic Standing season 7-making it to the Top 8 comedians. She was even awarded a Canadian TV award –a Gemini- for best-televised comedy performance of 2010. Debra’s a favorite at the Montreal Just for Laughs Comedy Festival, attending 10 times. She’s done comedy festivals around the world- including the Glasgow Comedy Fest in Scotland, as well as the Just For Laughs festival in Sydney, Australia, the popular Bridgetown Fest in Portland and The Moontower Fest in Austin. You can often hear Debra on CBC radio’s ‘Debaters’ program and, Debra has become a nationwide favorite on the hugely popular Much Music show ‘Video On Trial’, which can now be seen on FUSEtv.

Debra debuted in the independent film Unlucky and her first stand up DVD for the Showtime Network- was produced with her management team (Levity Entertainment Group) “Single, Awkward Female.” It is now playing on Netflix. In winter of 2014- she completed her first solo national tour, with Just For Laughs- ‘The Late Bloomer Tour’ crossed Canada with 21 cities-as the first solo female comedian toured by Just For Laughs. You can see Debra on the comedy network’s revival of Match Game, a Canadian revamping of the 70’s game show, where Debra is a popular panelist. Debra also can be seen on PlayboyTV- on their comedy channel as well as FUNNY OR DIE’s office humor. She now makes her home in Los Angeles.

One of the funniest nights of my life !!Rose Bourget via Facebook

[Debra's] stats are impressive: she’s performed at Montreal’s Just for Laughs festival nine times, been awarded the Best Female Comic at the Canadian Comedy Award three times, and made it to the top eight on Last Comic Standing.Kaitlynn E-A Smith via

The show in Cape Breton was totally AMAZING <3 I will be laughing for weeks 🙂 you are one funny lady , love you and CONGRATS with all your SUCCESS <3 <3 XODenise Morrison via Facebook

Yesterday was my third time seeing you and you never disappoint! Forever my fav comedian ????????jasmine. via Twitter

Major highlight of @justforlaughs: seeing hilarious @DebraDiGiovanni absolutely destroying an audience.Kliph Nesteroff‏ via Twitter

Thank you so much for a great show!Marion G via Facebook

Fantastic show!Daniel Duquette via Facebook

I had a great time ????Amy Silverberg‏ via Twitter

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